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Dr. Scott Ragsdale offers both personalized and guided techniques for incorporating breath and meditation into your everyday practice.   

Wellness Coach

Visit our new Learning Center  to access our 4-part stress management webinar series, guided meditations, and more!

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Stress and Anxiety are bound to reach new highs during the current  Pandemic. High stress may lower the immune system making us more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19. 

For a limited time, view our 15- Minute Meditation free of charge to learn how you can immediately reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

Lake at Dusk

The technique that works is the one you will practice.

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Breathe Away Stress has launched a new Learning Center


Find webinars, guided meditations, and more! 


If you would like to suggest a topic for a future video, contact us.

For a limited time, enjoy our FREE Webinar video as an introduction to Dr. Ragsdale and the incredible benefits of breath work in your daily practice.  

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