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W. Scott Rgasdale,Ph.D., LPC

Doctor of Philosophy in Theocentric Studies, La Salle University, New Orleans

Master of Science in Community Counseling, Georgia State University

Licensed Professional Counselor , LPC GA #002576

Energy Healer and Psychotherapist

Professional Counselor and Meditation Facilitator

Reiki Master, Qigong Guide, Heart Centered Hypnotherapist

With over 40 years of combined experience as a professional musician, educator, college professor of psychology, and acclaimed workshop presenter, Dr. Ragsdale uniquely combines standard psychotherapy with energy healing techniques based on Reiki and Qigong principles. Throughout the course of the last two decades, Dr. Ragsdale has expanded his passion for and research of the breath to develop a path to overall wellness.

Stephanie M. Ragsdale

Office Manager


Stephanie recently completed twenty-three years as a Field Representative for the Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia.  She assists in the initial and ongoing training for 130 volunteers in three counties as they review the cases of children in Georgia's Foster Care System.  Prior to joining the Council, Stephanie served as Senior Vice President/Operations of an advertising agency and was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations for three offices and over 12 million dollars in annual revenue.  
Stephanie enjoys Reiki shares and assisting with group sessions.
Scott and Stephanie enjoy playing  in a 19th Century Brass Band and relax by spending time at their cabin on Lake Martin.  They have two adult children, one granddaughter, and will soon celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

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