We breathe the spirit of universal LOVE with every breath. This concept was the thesis of my doctorial research. Over twenty years of research, training, and hands-on experience have helped develop our unique style of breath-centered healing.


The gift of LIFE is in every breath you take. Breath immediately brings life-giving oxygen to each cell in your body. Without oxygen constantly present, the cell dies instantly.  A lack of cellular oxygen has been scientifically shown to lead to a weak immune system, more frequent and more serious disease, and depression-anxiety anger.


In 2009, the Nobel Prize went to Dr. Srah Bachman and her discovery of telomeres.  Telomeres are genetic material found at the end of each DNA strand in each cell. Each time cells reproduce, the telomers get shorter- this is what we call "aging". Telomeres can be lengthened and years added to the age of your body by the following practices: meditation with focused breathing, regular exercise, and good nutrition. Reducing stress/anxiety are related to all these life-style practices. 


The gift of "spirit" also comes to us with our breath. When you stop breathing, your "spirit"  of Divine love goes somewhere else.




My Online Video Counseling sessions specialize in helping clients develop a SELF-CARE PLAN that will reduce stress and anxiety through daily practice of a wide range of techniques proven to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of inner peace with greater joy in life.





W. Scott Ragsdale, Ph.D.,LPC

If you are in a state of emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact the resources below. 


Crisis Call Center Hotline  1.800.273.8255  |

In Georgia contact:
Ridgeview Institute  770.434.4567  |
Peachford Hospital  770.455.3200  |

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